Dual Education for the Modern Requirements and Needs of Society

Opening of Learning Center at the Vocational School “Henry Ford”

10 May, 2018

On 10 May 2018, a Learning Center for Diagnosis of Electric and Conventional Vehicles will be opened at the Vocational School for Transport and Energy “Henry Ford” – Sofia. Minister of Education and Science Krassimir Valchev will officially inaugurate the Center.

The Learning Center is built thanks to the joint efforts of the Vocational School “Henry Ford” and the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as Sofia France Auto, Porsche BG and BMW Group.

The Vocational School for Transport and Energy “Henry Ford” is a leading vocational school in Bulgaria in the field of transport and energy, as well as a partner of the DOMINO Project since 2016.

Currently, 47 students have dual education in automotive mechatronics, 18 – in electrical equipment for electric vehicles for public transport and 25 – in the Specialty “Gas facilities”.