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DOMINO students cooking at the HRC Culinary Academy

23 June, 2017

Eleven DOMINO 9th graders will have the unique chance to get a short training at the HRC Culinary Academy in Sofia on 23 June. These young chefs-to-be are studying in the vocational high schools of tourism in Pernik, Stara Zagora, Burgas and Dobrich. They are the finalists in the student culinary contest “I am the best chef ever!”, organized by the Swiss Education Group (SEG), which provides the prizes and the DOMINO Project.

The contestants had to write an essay on  “The pleasure to cook for other people”. In total 30 students participated in the first stage of the contest. The 11 who made it to the second round showed their dream restaurant in a short video and the videos were published in the social media, so everyone could vote.

The training at HRC Culinary Academy is a great opportunity for the 11 finalists to get their hands dirty and not only write or talk about their culinary dreams. The kids will cook shoulder to shoulder with the HRC chefs and the Academy is glad to give them this opportunity.