Dual Education for the Modern Requirements and Needs of Society

Conference “Education and Business: Regions”

10 May, 2018

Dual education will be one of the highlights of the International Conference “Education and Business: Regions”, organized by Bulgaria ON AIR Television on 10th of May 2018 in Sofia.

Swiss Ambassador Denis Knobel will be a speaker of this 8th edition of the Conference, which is being held since 2014. Switzerland has long traditions in dual education, which is one of the key factors for its economic success and competitiveness and for the low rates of the youth unemployment. The DOMINO Project is using mainly the Swiss experience to develop the Bulgarian model of the dual education system.

Bulgaria ON AIR’s Education and Business International Conference is a meeting place for business leaders, education experts, professors and students, NGOs. The 8th edition of the event, “Education and Business: Regions”, will present the 6 economic regions in Bulgaria and the opportunities for development and investments as well as their traditions.

The Conference will focus on how institutions, municipalities and business use education as accelerator for economic growth in the regions in Bulgaria. We will get the entrepreneurship sentiment of young people and start-ups and the students’ intentions to stay in the country.

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