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Bulgaria – Swiss training provides “all the answers and the best solutions”

13 January, 2017 In the media

The vocational school in Thun frequently receives guests. After delegations from South Korea, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Greenland, it is now the turn of groups from Bulgaria to visit Thun. Sofia has sent over company representatives and vocational college lecturers who are meant to take on board the concept of the interconnected Swiss vocational training system where vocational schools, industry associations and the government mutually complement one another, writes Swiss Review.

Vassil Radoynovski of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce believes there are compelling reasons why his country should rapidly reform its vocational training system. Vocational training had been neglected since the political change in 1989. “There were still vocational schools, but nobody monitored their quality. Today, we are observing with concern that youth unemployment is high while companies complain that they cannot find skilled specialists.”

See here the link to the full text: http://www.revue.ch/en/editions/2017/01/detail/news/detail/News/how-switzerland-exports-its-pride-in-craftsmanship/