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Swiss and Bulgarian parliamentarists visited a vocational school under DOMINO

19 June, 2018 Domino news-en, News

Swiss and Bulgarian Members of Parliament today visited the “Henry Ford” Vocational School for Transport and Energy in Sofia. The high-level guests were guided through the recently inaugurated “Learning Centre for Diagnosis of Electric and Conventional Vehicles”, established at the school with support of the Ministry of Education and Science and of automotive companies.

The “Henry Ford” school has the ambition to become Bulgaria’s first vocational school to focus entirely on dual education. Partnering with the Swiss DOMINO Project since 2016, the school offers students “learning by working” opportunities in highly competitive and innovative sectors, such as automotive mechatronics, gas facilities and, soon, also electric transport vehicles.



The DOMINO Project, funded by the Swiss government under its EU enlargement contribution, aims at introducing and spreading the use of dual education in Bulgaria. So far, 1’134 students have registered in 32 vocational schools in 19 towns in Bulgaria, and over 170 Bulgarian and foreign companies are partners.

The Bulgarian Parliament shall soon adopt amendments to the Vocational Education and Training Act, which shall establish the Bulgarian dual education model across the country. Dual education offers optimal learning and working opportunities to young Bulgarians, who wish to acquire the skills required for good jobs in a competitive labour market.